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  • A. G. & S. Gillis - Ancient    Coins, Greek, Celtic, Roman, Byzantine Anglo Saxon, Viking, English, Irish,    Scottish Hammered coins. 

  • Aeternitas - Offering a wide    variety of ancient coins, as well as arrowheads. Bulk coins also offered. 

  • Akropolis Ancient Coins -    Ancient coins for sale, Greek, Roman, Judaean, and Byzantine. 

  • Alex G. Malloy,    Inc. - Auctions and fixed price sales of coins, artifacts, and    numismatic books. 

  • Ancient Coin Art - Ancient    coins and antiquities for sale, with a special emphasis on rare Roman    Provincial coins. 

  • Ancient Coins Auction Sales -    Coin dealer specializing in quality Greek, Roman, Medieval, Islamic, Polish    and Russian Coins and reference works about them. 

  • Ancient Coins Canada - Offering    a variety of coins and artifacts. 

  • Ancient Coins.Net - Search    engine for ancient coins. Searches emperors, reverses, cities anything which    might be in the description of a coin, across multiple dealer sites. 

  • Ancient Imports - Includes    Roman, Greek, Celtic, and Biblical coins. 

  • Ancient Roman and Greek Coins    - Ancient Roman and Greek coins for sale. 

  • - Offering    Roman Imperial, Roman Provincial, and Greek coins, as well as Roman    artifacts. Also provides an identification tool. 

  • Anglo Saxon Coins - Coins    and artefacts for sale with photos. 

  • Antiqua, Inc. - Specializes in    Greek, Judaean and Roman coins, as well as Near East, Egyptian and Byzantine    artifacts. 

  • Antiquanova - Specializing in    handmade reproductions of rare ancient coins, medallions, custom jewelry and    artifacts. 

  • Arthur E. Noot - Ancient    coins for sale including educational resources. 

  • Astarte S.A - Deals in classical,    medieval, modern and contemporary coins, medals and books on numismatics.    Also holds public auctions in Lugano and Zurich. 

  • Calgary Coin And Antique Gallery    - Dealers in ancient and medieval coins and artifacts from around the world,    including Roman, Greek, Chinese and many other cultures. 

  • Celator's Art Ancient Coins -    Has a selection of coins for sale and contains cleaning tips, ancient    history and coin related links. 

  • Centurion    Coins - Buy/Bid Lists via email. All sort of historical coins, but    specializing in Roman Imperial Coinage. 

  • Numismatics -    Has ancient coin fixed price lists and auction catalogs online. Other coins    for sale include French, Medieval and World. 

  • Chi Rho Coins - A commercial website    with Greek, Judean, Roman Republic, Roman Imperial, and Byzantine Coins. 

  • Chris Rudd - Illustrated    introduction to Celtic coins: how to collect, books to read, news, coins for    sale. 

  • Classical Coins - Offers    ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Persian coins, numismatic literature and    antiquities. 

  • Classical Numismatic Group -    Offering ancient, medieval and British numismatics. 

  • CoinCabinet - English hammered    silver coins and world gold coins. 

  • Coinsforever Ancient Coins &    Artifacts - Ancient coins and artifacts for sale. 

  • Colosseum Coin Exchange, Inc. -    Ancient coins, antiquities, antiques and collectables from Egypt, Greece,    Rome and other ancient civilizations. 

  • Compressore Ancient Coins - A    fine selection of ancient coins and artifacts (mostly roman, but also greek    and celtic). 

  • David Hendin - Dealer in    ancient coins, books, and antiquities. Articles related to Biblical coins. 

  • Decathlon    Ancient Coins - A selection of Greek silver and bronze coins. 

  • - The web    site dedicated exclusively to the uncleaned ancient coins hobbyist.    Uncleaned coins + supplies with an extensive coin database. 

  • Edgar L. Owen's Gallery - Large    site offering fine antiquities, ancient coins and world art. 

  • Edward J. Waddell, Ltd. - Ancient Coins    and Antiquities, Abafil Coin Cases. 

  • Et Tu Antiquities - This web    site offers ancient Roman coins, ancient Greek coins, as well as    antiquities. 

  • Forvm Ancient Coins - Ancient    coin photos, free online services, tools, information and articles for Roman    coin and other ancient coin collectors. 

  • Fred B Shore Ancient Coins - A    full-time dealer in quality ancient Greek and Roman Coins. Illustrated    catalogs available upon request. 

  • Freeman and Sear - Ancient    coins and artifacts, including Celtic, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine. Fixed    price lists and auctions. 

  • Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. - Buying,    selling and appraisal of ancient Greek coins, ancient Roman coins, Byzantine    coins, Antiquities, United States coins and paper money, and European coins    and currency. 

  • Herakles Numismatics, Inc. -    Offering ancient Roman, Greek, Biblical, Judaean and Byzantine coinage and    antiquities. 

  • Hunting For Treasure -    Specialize in uncleaned ancient roman, byzantine, and greek coins and    unsearched lots of US coins. 

  • - Roman Imperial    and Celtic coins. 

  • Jencek's Ancient Coins and Antiquities    - Featuring ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine coins and antiquities. Also has    free information, references, articles, tools. 

  • JJ Coins    - Roman, Medieval and modern coins and antiquities. 

  • JMR Roman Coins and    Artifacts - Offers a selection of ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine    coins and artifacts for sale. 

  • Jonathan K. Kerns - Specializing    in rare ancient coins from Roman and Medieval periods as well as Early    American Numismatics. 

  • Malter Galleries - buying    and selling, ancient coins, related books and collectibles. Online auctions    going on 24 hours a day. 

  • Mike R Vosper - Buy and sell    british celtic, roman and hammered coins together with 17th century tokens    and other numismatic related items. 

  • Moneta Romana - Selling ancient    roman coins. 

  • New Empire Antiquities - New    Empire provides ancient coins and artifacts, various antiquities and    accessories. 

  • New World    Numismatics - Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins from the Black    Sea region. 

  • Numismatic Rarities - Rare United    States and Roman coins for sale. All coins illustrated with hi-res digital    scans. Site offers advice and guidelines for forming a coin collection. 

  • Old Roman Coins - Specializing    in hard-to-find rare type coins, scarce emperors, and high-grade old roman    coins. 

  • Pegasi Numismatics - Ancient    coin dealers also offering antiquities and numismatic literature. 

  • Phil Goodwin 4 Coins -    Dealing in numismatics, archaeology, old and ancient coins. Bronze age,    Celtic, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Medieval, Tudor, and Greek coins and artifacts. 

  • Phil.W Coins - Web    site offering ancient coins artifacts and fossils. 

  • Pieces Of Time Coin & Currency    - Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins for sale. Fixed price lists and    Buy or Bid sales. 

  • Poseidon Coin Company -    Greek and Roman coins for sale. 

  • Quadriga Ancients - Dealer    in Ancient Roman coins. Site offers information about collecting ancient    coins and a dictionary of ancient coin terms. 

  • Rarity Exchange Company -    Buys, sells and trades predominately in ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine    coins. 

  • Robert G. Lilly - Coins    of the ancient and medieval world. This site includes coins from the ancient    greek speaking world, coins from ancient rome and coins from medieval    europe. 

  • Roman Coins - Specializes in    cleaned and uncleaned Biblical and roman coins. Includes cleaning tips. 

  • Roman Coins and    Artifacts - Ancient Roman and Celtic coins and artifacts for sale. 

  • Romanorvm - Australian based    mail order business dealing in Ancient Roman Coins (as well as Greek coins    and ancient artefacts). 

  • Saskcoin - A complete website    offering information, cleaning instructions, resource tools and coins for    sale. 

  • Southern California Coins -    Ancient Greek, Provincial, Roman, Judean and Medieval coins as well as U.S.    coins and banknotes. 

  • TimeLine - Ancient coins,    medieval coins (especially hammered coinage) and artifacts for sale 

  • Trajan Coins & Antiquities -    Offering Roman coins for sale. 

  • Ulpia Numismatics Ltd - UK based    dealer offering ancient Roman, Greek and Byzantine coins. 

  • - Includes Greek, Roman,    Byzantine, and Celtic coins. Also books and supplies. 

  • Walter C.    Holt - Specializing in ancient Greek and Roman coins. Includes artifacts    and British Hammered coinage. 

  • Warrens Coins - Dealer specializes    in reproductions of ancient Greek, Roman, and Judean coins. Current copies    conform with Hobby Protection Act of 1973. 

  • William M. Rosenblum Rare Coins    - Offering: Ancient coins, Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Judaica, Medieval,    Medals, world coins, paper money, Israel and Palestine material and    numismatic books. 

  • Wolfshead Gallery - Dealers    in Roman, Greek, Electrum, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, and English Hammered    coins and archaeological objects.
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