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  • Allgold of Sevenoaks - Dealer    in Kent offering gold coins, sovereigns, half sovereigns, and other gold    coins. 

  • A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. - Full    service precious metals trading company specializing in gold, silver,    platinum, and palladium for storage or delivery in the form of coins, bars,    shot, and grain. 

  • American Bullion & Coin Co.    - Gold coins, bullion, rare, scarce, certified numismatics dealer. 

  • American Gold Exchange - Gold    coins, precious metals, numismatics, hard assets investing. 

  • Bret Leifer Gold Coins -    Full-service rare coin firm. 

  • California Gold and Silver -    Specializing in US and world coins, banknotes, meteors, fossils, and other    types of collectibles. 

  • California Numismatic Investments    - A full service gold, silver, and platinum dealer with 30 years experience. 

  • Chipman - Buying and    selling bullion and collectable gold coins including American Gold Eagles,    Canadian Maple Leafs and South African Krugerrands. 

  • Clark Smith Numismatist - Gold    coins of the world are the speciality here. Hundreds of gold coins are    listed and have images. 

  • Cochran's Coins, Inc. -    Specialists in US and Foreign Gold Coins, including sovreigns, half    sovreigns, German Marks, and French Francs. 

  • - An on-line    dealer of rare, foreign, and US, gold, silver, certified coins. 

  • David Derzon Company. - Coin    dealer specializing in the buying, selling and appraisal of rare gold and    silver coins. 

  • Eagle Numismatics - Selling gold    bullion and rare coins. 

  • Encore Gold - Offering both    bullion and collectable gold and silver US coins. 

  • Fort Worth Coin Company -    Deals in precious metals and rare coins. 

  • Gold and Silver Coins - Dealer    offering primarily US gold and silver coins and numismatic products. 

  • Gold Masters - Hosting live    online gold coin, silver, platinum and precious metals trading, featuring up    to date precious metal prices. 

  • Gold Sovereigns - UK dealer offering    sovereign and half sovereign coins. 

  • - Selling rare US gold    coins and world gold coins to the collectors and investors. 

  • Goldfinger Coin and Bullion Sales    - Full service precious metals dealer. 

  • Goldline International, Inc. - Gold    and silver bullion and rare coins. Offering free quotes and live onsite    pricing. 

  • Hancock and Harwell - Rare coins    and precious metals. Buys, sells and appraises rare American gold and silver    coinage struck in the 18th and 19th centuries as well as gold, silver and    platinum bullion bars and coins. 

  • Heston Gold Coins -    Offering $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Coins. 

  • Inexpensive Gold-Buy    gold,silver,platinum and certified rare coins at discount - Gold bullion    dealer. 

  • International Precious Metals    - Gold, silver, platinum and rare coin opportunities for every investor and    collector. 

  • Iron City Coin Company -    Selling all US coins and currency, statehood quarters, error coins and    currency, and related numismatic items. 

  • The Irvine Gold Mine - Fine    jewelry and rare coins. Offers coins, jewelry, diamonds, bullion, gold,    silver, platinum, and engagement rings. 

  • Jack Hunt Coin Broker -    Specializing in gold and silver bullion, scrap, and US Silver Eagles. 

  • John Lynn and Company -    Selling gold and silver coins. 

  • KJC Coins - Australian Market Leaders    of Sydney 2000 Olympic coins. 

  • Lee Certified Coins - Source    for rare coins, gold and bullion. 

  • Lynn Coins - Gold and silver coins for    the coin collector. 

  • Michael's Jewelers and Precious Metals    - Gold and silver coin dealer. 

  • National Coin Vault -    Offering gold, silver coins as investments. 

  • Numismatic Financial Corporation -    Buys and sells gold and silver coins and bullion and handle estate jewelry    and coin collections. 

  • - Comprehensive    information about gold bullion coins prices and research information for 200    years of gold history. Sell and buy gold bullion and coins of all types. 

  • - A small retailer of    graded rare gold coins and silver eagles. 

  • Panda America - Marketing    modern issue collector coins, precious metal bullion coins and commemorative    medallions. Selling directly to collectors and investors. 

  • -    Offers a selection of silver and gold bullion and coins. 

  • Robert B. Lecce Numismatist Inc.    - Offering a variety of hard to find coins. 

  • Southwestern Gold Inc. - A    full service commodities, jewelry and rare coin company. 

  • Steinbergs Gold Coins -    Specializing in independent third party graded gold coins of the world 

  • Swiss America Trading Corporation    - Offers numismatic coins and precious metals 

  • Trinity Precious Metals - Hard    tangible assests in gold, silver, platinum coins, rare coins, bullion, and    precious metals IRAs. 

  • Universal Coin & Bullion -    Offers coins, gold, silver, platinum, IRAs, and investment decisions. 

  • Wexford Capital Management - A    numismatic program for acquiring certified U.S. rare coins. 

  • Zoomcoin - Precious metals and coin    prices update real-time along with news/commentary covering rare coins,    gold, silver and platinum with pictures of coins to buy on-line.
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