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  • Alexander Basok - World coins    from ancient and medieval through modern with emphasis on Russian Coins:    from wire money to Soviet coins. 

  • The Best Collecting Site -    Baltic's, Russian & Soviet: coins, paper money, scripophily, bond,    shares, awards, orders, medals, badges, militaria, books, photos, documents    for sale. 

  • Coin Shop Tobias Honscha -    Specialising in German and European coins 

  • Coins & Banknotes - Itailain    dealer offering bimetallic coins and a variety of world banknotes. 

  • Emmanuel Said - Offering Maltese    coins and medals as well as stamps and phonecards. 

  • - Selling    euro coins and banknotes. Site in German and English. 

  • Exmoney - Offering soviet state win    loan bonds 1983 year, and a full range of soviet and russian coins and    banknotes since 1961 to present time. 

  • Fil-money - Offering ancient and    Italian coins, stamps, period postcards, and gifts. In Italian and English. 

  • Fleur de coin - Offers Greek    modern coins and european currency in general. The site contains a    terminology index, a grading guide, articles on minting techniques, and    on-line collectors community forum. 

  • -    High-grade Swiss coins. 

  • - Offers copies    rare UK coins. 

  • - German Coins    for sale from 1500 to date including better quality and rare material. 

  • GM Coins - UK based dealer    specialising in English coins from hammered to modern milled coinage. 

  • Goldmünzen - Gold    Coins - Gold coins from Tunisia, France, Turkey and Britain are    described for sale. 

  • Goncalves Lobo - Selling    Greek, Judean, Roman Republic, Roman Imperial, and Byzantine coins. This    site is in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. 

  • Hi-Grade British Coins    - Offering medieval and modern British coins with images on request.    International shipping, and pricing in US$ and GB£. 

  • -    On-line shop offering the spanish euro coin. History of the Euro and images    are available. 

  • - English - Hungarian    dealer offering Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Celtic, and Medieval coins as well    asd Hungarian coins. 

  • Kuenker Heritage GmbH - A    joint-venture affiliate office in Munich, Germany of F-R Kuenker and    Heritage Galleries. 

  • Mint Coins - Specialising in UK    and Denmark pattern Euro coins and sets. 

  • Numi' $ Max - French dealer    offering ancients coins and old french bank notes, pictures availables. Site    in English, Spanish, Germain and French. 

  • Officina della    Medaglia - Offering gold and silver Italian lira. 

  • Petercoins    - A U.K. based coin shop selling: pennys, halfpennys, halfcrowns, florins,    proof sets, and presentation packs. Includes information on investing in    coins and the hobby of numismatics. 

  • Petercoins -    Selling coins by international mail order including: U.K.coins, half crowns,    florins, pennies, half-pennies, Royal mint sets, Proof coins, Crowns &    Commemoratives. 

  • Zlaté mince - numismatik    - Czech and Slovak coins for sale. Includes images and descriptions of    sample stock, plus contact details.
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