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  • About Coin Collecting -    Offers coins, commemorative sets, price guides and coin supplies. 

  • Alaska Coin Exchange -    Selection of raw and certified United States coins in all price ranges. 

  • Albanese Rare Coins - A family owned    coin business offering a choice of US coins for collectors and investors. 

  • Albuquerque Coins - Certified coin    dealer offering gold and silver coins and bullion, special event coins. 

  • All American Coin & Jewelry Company    - Specializes in US coins, silver and gold bullion coinage, and supplies.    Also offering jewelry and parody items. 

  • American Coin - Offering information    about coin collecting as well as opportunities to buy coins. 

  • American Coin and Stamp Brokerage -    Offering US coins and foreign coins, bid sales, and collecting supplies. 

  • American Colorized Coins    - Offering gift sets of colorized state quarters, 09.11.01 commemorative    silver rounds and U.S. military silver eagles. 

  • American Precious Metals Exchange -    National brokers and dealer in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, coins,    bars and rounds. Featuring the ability to buy online 24/7. 

  • American Stamp & Coin Co. -    Retail US and worldwide coins, stamps, and supplies. 

  • AR Akin Rare Coins - A    resource for buying and selling all United States coins and currency. 

  • Arundel Coins and    Collectibles - Offering US coins. 

  • Aspen Park Rare Coins Inc. -    Specializing in rare coins for collectors and investors. Includes    information on selling. 

  • Benchmark Ventures LP - A rare coin    and precious metals investment firm serving both individuals and    institutions worldwide. 

  • BestCoin.Com - Offering Gold,    Silver and Certified Coins. 

  • The Binion Collection -    Morgan silver dollars and Peace silver dollars from the Binion Collection. 

  • Bowers and Merena Galleries    - Rare coin dealer and auction house. 

  • Bryn Mawr Rare    Coins - Online dealer in US coins and coin sets. 

  • California Numismatic Funding -    Offering a complete line of rare and collectible United States coins and    supplies. 

  • Cameo CC - Dealer specializing in    proof and silver coins. 

  • Carat Coin Collectibles - Offers    US coins, with proper grading and offers fast delivery service. 

  • Carl's Coins - Specializing in    individual proof coins. Offers information on how to collect and what to    collect. 

  • Carolina Coins & Collectibles    - Silver dollars, proof sets, 50 state quarter rolls, and uncut sheets of    currency. 

  • Centerville Coin & Jewelry    Connection - Providing precious metals and collectibles. Offering coins    of all types and dates. 

  • Certified Mint Inc. - Selling    gold, silver, platinum coins, and bullion. 

  • Chipman Coins - Offering US Proof    Sets, Mint Sets, State Quarters and Silver Bullion. 

  • Coin America - Offers US coins    from half cents to error coins. 

  • The Coin Collector -    Offering gold and silver coin jewelry, coin gifts, mint products and coin    supplies. 

  • The Coin Shop - Assisting the new    collector as well as the seasoned veteran. Regular coin auctions. 

  • Coin Vault at the New    Orleans Mint - Located in the historic New Orleans Mint, the Coin Vault    offers secure purchasing of rare coins and currency, New Orleans music, art,    jewelry and collectibles. 

  • Coin Webstore - Dealer offing    US Coins, Proof Sets and supplies. 

  • CoinCentric - Comprehensive    studies on selected coins as well as coins for sale. 

  • CoinFinders - Coins for every    level of collector. 

  • Coinland.com - One stop coinmart    for coin collecting needs. 

  • coinliquidations.com    - Buying and selling all U.S.collector coins both certified and raw. 

  • Coins For Collectors    - Rare and collectible coins for sale. Graded by ANA standards. 

  • Coins Plus - Buying and selling silver    dollars, bust dollars, certified by PCGS, NGC, ICG, ANACS, as well as gold,    and silver, bullion. 

  • Coinsbyhucky - Offering US    coins. 

  • CoinsForGifts - Offering    Silver & Gold Eagle coins, coin holders, and coin gifts. 

  • Cointown.com - Specializing in coins,    collecting supplies and commemoratives as well as statehood quarter. 

  • Coinwire.com    - Offers US coins in sets and individually. 

  • CollectSource - -Offering US    coins. 

  • CollectUS.com - Rare coins, stamps,    bullion, jewelry, collectibles, gifts, and collecting supplies. 

  • Cook Coin Company - Dealer    specializing in coin type sets and proof sets. 

  • Corpus Christi Coin & Currency -    Offering a selection of coins and paper money in a wide range of grades and    price ranges from US and world wide. 

  • Dave's Coins -    Specialize in Buffalo nickels, also offering Liberty and Jefferson nickels. 

  • David Lawrence Rare Coins -    Offering US coins and Currency and a large selection of numismatic    literature. 

  • Doelger's Gallery of Coins - Serving    the central New Jersey area coin collector with stock coins, currency and    supplies. 

  • Eagle Eye Rare Coins, Inc -    Specializing in Flying Eagle and Indian Cents. 

  • Ed's Elegant Coins -    Offering modern U.S. Coins. 

  • Fantasy Coins - Offers a    variety of coins and currency from starter sets of US coins to rare coins    and currency. 

  • Fast Coin - Offering a variety of    US coins and paper money. 

  • The Flat Penny - Dealer    in elongate pennies. 

  • FUBA Coins - Offers US and foreign    coins and currency. 

  • Gaithersburg Coin Exchange    - A full-service coin and bullion exchange selling all of the major types of    coins. 

  • General Numismatics &    Rare Coins - Buy and sell United States rare coins, gold coins and    silver coins. 

  • Gobrecht Numismatics - Retail mail    order company specializing in rare coins, precious metals, gold, &    silver bullion, and appraisals. 

  • The Goldbaron Gold Coin &    Nugget Dealer - Gold U.S. coins and pieces. 

  • Golden Eagle Coins -    Specializes in US coins, currency, bullion, proof and mint sets. Coin    collections bought and sold daily. 

  • Golden Gate Coins - Dealer    offering US coins and US error coins. 

  • Goldline Coins - Serving rare Gold    coin, Silver coin and precious metals investors. 

  • GR Coin Company - Specializing in    U.S. coins in every type from half cents to dollars. 

  • Grey Sun Trader    - Buying and selling United States gold and silver coins. 

  • Hanks and Associates, Inc. -    Selling US coins and currency, primarily rarities. 

  • Heritage Rare Coin - View    latest selections from $20 million inventory, updated hourly. Also online    auctions, Ask an Expert, and How to Sell Your Coins. 

  • Hobby Coin Exchange - A    mail-order coin dealership, specializing in USA Coins from 1/2 cents all the    way up to Silver Dollars and even rare date Gold. Want List and Layaway    programs too. 

  • iBuyCoins.com - Buying and selling US    silver and gold coins. 

  • International Coins & Currency -    Offers a diverse selection anywhere of U.S. and world coins. 

  • Island Coins - Offering US    Coins. 

  • James Cooper - Offering    US coins. 

  • Jay Parrino's The Mint -    Specialist in rare coins graded by PCGS, NGC or CGA, most are the finest    known examples of their type. 

  • Jeff Werlin - Specializing in Cameo    proofs and toned coins both certified and uncertified. 

  • Jefferson    Full Step Nickels - Certified and raw Full Step Jefferson nickels. 

  • Jetproofs - Specializing in old US    Proof coins and Proof sets. 

  • J.H. Cline's - Specializing in Standing    Liberty quarters. 

  • J&J Coins - Internet company    specializing in coins for the coin collector. 

  • jjcoingifts.com - Offering    United States coins such as states quarters, silver eagles, and silver    dollars. 

  • JLS Numismatics, Inc. - This    a family run business concentrating on U.S. Collector Coins. 

  • John B. Hamrick and Co. -    Serving collectors, coin dealers and investors since 1963, features a    multi-million dollar inventory of coins and currency. 

  • Julian M. Leidman - Buying and    selling all United States coins and currency. Full-time dealer for over 35    years and a PNG member for 25. 

  • Kagin's - Specializing in early and    rare US copper, gold, and silver coins. 

  • KayDee's Coin and Currency -    Offering a variety of numisamtic items including Gold or silver coin    research, supplies and services. 

  • Kelly's Computer Shop & Coins -    Coin collecting supplies and collectible US coins. 

  • Keystone Coin and    Gift - Offering coins in certified and raw condition as well as sets. 

  • Lake Forest Coin Company -    Specialists in US and canadian silver coinage. Featuring Morgan Silver    Dollars, Peace Silver Dollars, Susan B. Anthony, Eisenhower, Kennedy Half    Dollars and rare coins and stamps. 

  • Leprecoin.com - Specializing in    bags of silver, gold and rare coins. 

  • Letchworth Coins - Offering buffalo,    liberty and Jefferson nickels, Indian and Lincoln pennies, mercury and    Roosevelt dimes, state quaters, silver dollars, bullion and coin supplies. 

  • Libnick's Coins and Currency    - Fixed price list, coin auctions, reading room. Specializing in Liberty    nickels and Mercury dimes. 

  • Libnicks Coins and Currency    - Selling all types of collector coins and currency. Online inventory with    images, reading room, and auctions. 

  • Lilly Coin and Stamp -    Specializing in Morgan and Peace dollars, Barber, Walking Liberty and    Franklin half dollars. 

  • Lincoln Wheat Cents.com -    Selling Lincoln Wheat Cents of all dates and grades, circulated as well as    uncirculated condition. 

  • Lloyds Lincolns - Offering    Lincoln Cents in slabs or raw. 

  • Louis Campanara Hobby Co. - Graded    U.S. coins for sale. 

  • Makes Cents    - Buying, selling, and locating US coinage. 

  • Marc One Numismatics -    Buying and selling all US coins, including collections and estates.    Specializing in US patterns. 

  • The Merrick Mint - Specializing    in hologram coins, gold coins, state quarters, and colorized state quarters. 

  • Michael Aron Rare Coins - Offering    auction and consulting services as well as an online inventroy of US coins. 

  • Midatlanticcoins - Offering    coins and supplies. 

  • Mint Products - Gold and silver    coins, as well as proof and mint sets, and state quarters. 

  • MKRareCoins.com - Buys, sells    and trades rare coins and collectibles. 

  • Morgan Silver Dollars -    Dealer offering Morgan silver dollars certified and raw. 

  • Munroe    Coins and Collectibles - Offering a variety of US Coins including error    coins, carded coins, certified coins, Silver Bars and Rounds, Elongated    Pennies, Coin Books and Supplies. 

  • Napa Coin and Jewelry - Offering    novelty coins and coin collectibles. 

  • The National Collectors    Mint - Offering certified U.S. coins and currency, as well as world    bullion coinsand other coin products. 

  • Nevada Silver Collection    - Offering Walking Liberty half-dollars. 

  • New World Coin and Stamp - Offering    U.S. Coins, rare coins, paper notes, and Canadian coins. 

  • Nickel Trader - Rare coin    dealer specializing in Nickels, but offering all US coins and supplies. 

  • Northeast Numismatics - Large    inventory of certified coins US coins. 

  • Northern Nevada Coin - Buy and sell    rare coins, bullion, and related items. Specialize in U.S. Gold coins,    silver dollars, and Carson City coins. 

  • Numismatic Assets Inc. -    Dealing in certified US coins. PCGS and NGC authorized dealer. 

  • NumisMedia - Network for dealers    and collectors featuring online auctions, price guides and numismatic    articles. 

  • Old Mint Coin & Bullion - Buy    and sell U.S. coins, Gold, Silver and related. Located in Carson City,    Nevada. 

  • Old Pueblo Coin - Deals in    coins, stamps, currency, gold, silver, documents, punchboards, tokens, and    medals. 

  • Olympus Gold and Rare Coins -    World gold coins, silver dollars, U.S. gold coins and rare type coins are    available. Up to the minute gold and silver spot prices. 

  • Paramount Rarities - Offering coins    supplies, mint sets, certified coins, US silver eagles, US gold eagles, and    proof sets. 

  • Park Avenue Numismatics -    Specializes in US gold, Morgan dollars and rare date gold coins. 

  • Patriot Silver Eagle    Company - Coin trading company offers Silver Eagle dollars in decorative    holders. 

  • The Penny Smasher - Offers    custom elongate pennies and a collection album. 

  • Pinnacle Rarities -    Provides U.S. rare coins to a clientele composed of collectors, investors    and dealers from all fifty states and several foreign countries. 

  • Plaza Coins - Dealer in US coins,    currency and supplies. Offering both raw and certified coins. 

  • Pre-1917 Proofs - Specializing    in classic United States coins produced from 1817 through 1916. 

  • ProCoins - provides U.S. Raw and    PCGS, NGC and ANACS Slabbed coins. Online Ordering. 

  • Puro's Coins and Jewelry - Dealer in    US Coins, located in Vermont. 

  • Quality Rare Coins - Dealer of    precious metals and certified coins. Offering gold and silver bullion and    certified coins. 

  • Rare Coin Company of America, Inc. -    Better Date and Grade US Gold Coins, and higher grade US Gold Type Coins are    certified for grade and authenticity, usually by either PCGS or NGC. 

  • Rauch's Rare    Coins - Dealer in US coins, including rare and one of a kind coins. 

  • Ray Komka Coins - Offering US    modern coins including rare coins, single coins, complete sets, proof/mint    sets and supplies. 

  • 1refco.com - Dealer in American    eagles and silver rounds. 

  • RI Coins - Offering U.S. proof    coins, and mint state Franklins. 

  • River City Coins - US and    world coins, currency, tokens, and medals. 

  • Robert Charles Coins -    Specializing in raw and certified US coins. 

  • Roy Reynolds Coins    - Online dealer in US coins, supplies and sets. 

  • Royalty Coins - Offers a full    line of numismatic services and products including certified coins, gold and    silver coins, and auction links with a fully searchable database. 

  • RS Coins - Buy, sell or    trade U.S. coins, proof and mint sets, currency and numismatic supplies. 

  • Sacagawea Golden    Dollar - The new sacagawea golden dollar page for coin collectors. 

  • Seaport coins - Offering rare    U.S Coins and Paper money. 

  • Select Numismatics - Specialists    in US Type coins and Lincoln Cents. 

  • Silver Eagle Coin Company    - Offering American Eagle Silver Dollars directly to public at discount    prices. 

  • Silver State Coin & Bullion    - Rare Coin, Gold and Silver Bullion Dealer. Selection of down to earth    collecor coins. 

  • Silver Superior Coins -    Offering gold & silver coins, coin supplies, bullion, and currency. 

  • Silvergreetings.com -    Offering a variety of numismatic items as well as silver medallions and    bullion. 

  • Small Cents II. - A full service    coin dealer offering a coin store, a mail order division, internet sales,    and a rare coin auction company. Specializing in US coins. 

  • Smith's Coins - Full service    coin dealer, includes listing of show dates and new items available.. 

  • Smyrna Coin Shop - Collectible modern    U.S. coins, state quarters, and silver commemoratives. 

  • Southern Coin Investments -    Coin catalogs offering thousands of numismatic items, free numismatic    catalogs 

  • Southern Coins and Precious    Metals - Dealer in US coins and precious metals. Offering rare US coins,    proof sets and bullion coins. 

  • Southgate Coins - Buy and    sell rare US coins, currency, and collectibles. Specializations include    Carson City and Standing Liberty coins. 

  • Stanford Coins & Bullion -    Dealer specializing in certified US rare coins and world gold coins, for    investment purposes or collecting. 

  • Statmatics Coins - Dealer in rare    and collectible coins for the hobbyist and investor. 

  • Steve Estes P.N., Inc. -    Professional numismatist, coin dealer since 1963, buys and sells certified    and raw U.S. coins, books and supplies. Secure online coin sales, numismatic    studies and reference material. 

  • Telesphere Numismatics - Hobby    information, including an extensive Coin Collecting FAQ, plus a selection of    U.S. collector coins. 

  • Texas Coins.com - Offering to buy    and sell of coins, bullion, diamonds and silver. Live spot prices and    appraisal services in Texas. 

  • T.J. Coins - Specializing in rare    and collectible US coins. Many photos of proof and mint state collections. 

  • Tomgar - Established in 1971 for the    buying and selling of coins, stamps, and a few other odd items. 

  • Tri State Coins - Dealing in    common and rare american coins of all grades. buy, sell or trade. 

  • Triple C's -    Coin collector/dealer listing coins for sale. 

  • Tucson Coin and    Autographs - Buying and selling coins, gold, silver and currency since    1974. 

  • U.S. Coins, Inc. - Offering rare    and unique US coins. 

  • US Rare Coin Investments    - A high end rare coin dealer and personal representative to coin    collectors, and investors in the rare coin and precious metals markets. 

  • The US Silver Eagle    - Dealer offering US Silver Eagle Dollar bullion coins. 

  • USMintQuarters.com - Coin and    paper money store specializing in state quarters, sacagawea dollars, silver    certificates, buffalo nickels and other United States numismatic related    collectibles. 

  • Valley Coin Inc. - Focused mainly    on US coins, currency and supplies. Includes gift ideas and gift    certificates. 

  • Vams and More - Offering morgan    dollars, peace dollars, rare and world coins. Includes chat, articles and    forms. 

  • Victorian Rare Coin - An    inventory of over 3,000 certified rare coins. 

  • Village Coin Shop - Coins,    currency, and supplies for the hobbyist or investor. 

  • Virtual Coins - Offering    raw Buffalo Nickels in rolls, and smaller quantities. 

  • Voecks' Fox Valley Coin -    Coins-n-things for the collector. 

  • Wayne Herndon Rare Coins    - Dealer in US Coins and supplies. 

  • WCS Deals - US and world coins,    stamps, and exonumia. 

  • Wheat Cent Penny Page    - Unsearched wheat cents available, high demand, limited supply. Dealers,    collectors, numismatic enthusiasts. 

  • WheatCents.com - Specializing in    US coins for collectors on a budget. 

  • Wood Coins - Specializing in    modern U.S. proof single coins. 

  • Woodruff Rare Coins & Currency    - Specializing in half-dimes and pre 1930's US coins. 

  • Woolshire Numismatics -    Specializing in U.S. coins with photos. Wantlist services are also provided. 

  • The Working Man's Rare Coins    - Specializing in United States Silver Coins includes coins listed with    images, coin show schedule, and numismatic information.
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