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  • AA Banknotes - Offers banknotes,    cheques and information on notaphily. 

  • Antarctica Dream-Dollars - A    Brief history of Nadiria, the Lost Colony of Antarctica. Read about the    history of the colony as well as purchase sets of Dream-Dollars, the    official currency of Nadiria. 

  • Antique Currency, LLC - Buyers    and sellers of rare antique U.S. paper currency, with listing of events,    grading information and currency terms. 

  • Baker Notes - US currency,    military notes and World notes. 

  • Banknote Heaven - Shop for    numismatics treasures. American and foreign coins and banknotes. Silver,    gold, coppers, bronze. A collector site for currency from around the world. 

  • Banknotes of Central Asia -    Coins and banknotes from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. 

  • - Site contains a    paper money gallery. 

  • - An on-line    source for collectible bank notes from the U.S. and most countries around    the world. 

  • - Variety of world    banknotes for sale. 

  • Capital Currency, Inc. - Dealer of    rare and unusual U.S. currency. 

  • Colin Narbeth & Son, Inc.    - Banknote specialist. 

  • Columbia Notes - Specializing    in paper money from Latin America. 

  • Crutchfield's Currency -    Offers currency, collectible checks, souvenir cards, Colonial and    Continental notes, obsolete bank notes, as well as Confederate States of    America, Southern States, US Federal Issues and Republic of Texas    currencies. 

  • CSA Notes - An on-line buyer,    seller, and appraiser of Confederate currency. 

  • Currency Auctions    of America - Currency offered at auction online. Sales close the 15th    and 30th of every month. 

  • Currency Grading    and Certification, Inc. - Grades United States currency, Fractional    notes, Military Payment certificates, and select foreign notes. Grading    standards guide, subscriptions to population reports and pricing guides. 

  • Denlys of Boston - A full range of    banknotes and currency collecting books and supplies. 

  • - Offers US Paper    Money for sale: colonials, national bank notes, confederates, silver    certificates, gold notes, fractionals, and obsoletes. 

  • Educational Coin Company -    Banknotes wholesale for dealers and retailers. 

  • E-Worldbanknotes - A good    source of World paper money - several thousands of notes are listed online.    Additional service - online banknote identifier. 

  • Exotic Currency - Offers    exotic currencies including and coins from all over the world. 

  • - US large    size currency with rare signature combinations. 

  • Horwedel's Currency -    Collector and dealer of paper money. 

  • Ian Gradon World Paper Money -    Extensive list of world banknotes. 

  • Iran Paper Money    - Here you will find much information about paper money or bank notes and    stamps of Iran. 

  • James R. Hatch - Specializing in CU    $1.00 FRN notes with unusual serial numbers. 

  • Jamestown Stamp    Company - Banknotes, stamps, and coins served fresh daily. 

  • Jane White Banknotes - Banknotes    and paper money from around the world. British Commonwealth, English,    Scottish and Irish as well as general world banknotes. 

  • Kates Paper Money - World    paper money for collectors including banknotes. 

  • A La Carte Paper Collectables    - Offers paper money, world banknotes, German notgeld, banknote    puclications, paper ephemera, war bonds, and currency holders for storage of    paper collectables. 

  • Luciano Lazardi -    Banknotes for sale, standard catalogs of world paper money and coins,    numismatic supplies, online price-lists and credit card payment system. Site    available in English or Italian 

  • Lyn Knight Currency Auctions -    Online and real world paper money and banknote auction. Has a price guide    for US currency. 

  • Michael Morris World Paper Money    - World paper money bought and sold. Online price list, large image gallery. 

  • Miller's Coins & Currency    LLC - Offering colonial, obsolete, and confederate notes, as well as    coins and currency supplies. Includes auction representation, consignment    and appraisal services. 

  • Millon Antiques -    Dealers in world paper money specializing in European and East European    issues from 1900 up to date. Finder service for rare Balkan States issues. 

  • MJP Numismatics - Offering    information regarding currency collecting and selling banknotes from around    the world. 

  • Mr. Peso, Inc. - Offering Mexican    Currency for sale online. Includes gasllery of photos of pesos. 

  • Neal's    Collectable Currency - Paper money offered for sale by one of the first    Internet collecting pioneers. 

  • Norbert von Euw - World of papermoney    - Site for papermoney collectors. 

  • - Paper money site    in English and Spanish. 

  • Numisa - Dealer in world paper money.    Site is in English, Spanish and French. 

  • Numisnota - Banknotes for sale by a    Portuguese dealer. 

  • - Dealer in authentic    scripophily, postcards, paper money, and other collectibles sold    individually or in quantities. 

  • Perth Numismatics - Perth    Numismatics offers a huge selection of banknotes, paper money, currency,    free classified ads, and online appraisals of your banknotes 

  • Philip Driver Currency    - Lists investment grade US Paper money. Offers images of pictured currency    that is rare and many times unique. 

  • Pomexport - Pomexport provides    wholesale paper money from more than 275 different countries. 

  • Republic of Texas    - State currency and historic documents. 

  • Richard J. Reed World Paper Money    - Specialist in world paper money and Hollywood prop movie money. Also deals    in collectible stocks, bonds, and antique checks. 

  • Ron's Currency, Stocks and Bonds    - A site for collectors of currency, paper money, stocks and bonds, and the    hobbies of syngraphy and scripophily. 

  • Tim Kyzivat Currency -    Includes offerings of large and small notes, national bank notes, obsoletes,    confederate currency, error notes, fractional currency and colonials, as    well as upcoming shows and reference links. 

  • Treasures of the Middle East &    North Africa - Extensive banknote price list from Asia and Africa. 

  • U.S. Currency Auctions -    Auction site for U.S. Currency. 

  • US Paper Money - Sales and    auctions of rare United States currency (paper money). 

  • U.S. Rare Currency - Buying &    selling large size legal tender bank notes, gold and silver certificates,    paper money and Federal Reserve notes. 

  • USA Rare - Dealing in special serial    numbers on united states paper money. Rare us currency, small size, large    size, and errors. 

  • Vinny's Coins - Offering US    large size currency and gold and silver coins. 

  • World Bank Notes - Bank    notes, paper collectibles and coins from Ukraine and Russia. 

  • World Banknotes and Paper Money - Online    store for world paper money. 

  • Worldbanknotes - In English,    German and Spanish contains information, hints and many beautiful scans, and    an extensive price list of world banknotes. 

  • - Providing    professionally graded and certified United States banknotes.
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