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  • America West Archives -    Buying and selling of old stocks, bonds, documents, checks, letters,    autographs, photographs and maps from the western U.S. They also provide    stock research. 

  • Antiquary Partnership -    On-line dealership with fast, efficient and friendly service. 

  • Antique Scripophily -    Scripophily site with a gallery, certificates for sale, and links to similar    sites. 

  • ATS Numismatics - Offers quality    banknotes, local and private paper money, collectible bonds and stock    certificates. 

  • Boone Scripophily - Conduct    yearly scripophily auctions and buy and sell certificates from all over the    world. Established in 1984. 

  • Collectible Stocks and Bonds -    Selling old stocks and bonds from railroad, automotive and general industry    companies. 

  • Collectible Stocks    and Bonds Catalog - This site sells old stocks and bonds from many    industries 

  • Daly's Mining Shop -    Historical western gold mining stocks and bonds priced for the budget of the    average collector. 

  • Denver Stock Exchange -    We buy, sell or trade collectable and historical stocks, checks and ephemera    with items from mining, railroad and general industry. We specialize in    Colorado material and offer appraisals. 

  • eOldstocks.com - Buyer &    seller of all kinds of old stock certificates and specimens stocks. 

  • George H. Labarre Galleries, Inc -    Dealers in collectible stocks and bonds. Also, coins and currency,    autographs, paper money. 

  • Heinz Husi - Scripophily dealer    featuring interesting offers from throughout the world. 

  • Lamassu - The    purchase and sale of historic stocks and bonds via internet economically and    quickly. 

  • Norrico, Inc - Buying and    selling old stock certificates, antique bonds, and related financial    ephemera. 

  • Portafoglio Storico    - One of biggest Italian scripophily dealers. The site is in English and    Italian. 

  • Scott J. Winslow Association, Inc.    - Dealer of autographs, manuscripts and historic documents. 

  • Scripophily Corner -    Dealer in antique stocks and bonds, the collectible of the 90's. Mostly    railroads but sometimes automobile, mining, and international. 

  • Scripophily Emporium - A direct mail    scripophily dealer with many different antique stocks and bonds in    inventory. 

  • Scripophily.com - Buyer and    seller of old stock and bond certificates. 

  • The Share Gallery -    Provides professionally framed, original, historical share certificates. 

  • Special Stocks - Scripophily,    old stocks and bonds from all over the world including railroad and mining    stocks. 

  • Take Stock - Dealer of    collectible stocks and bonds. 

  • Tom's Vignettes - Dealer    specializing in antique stocks and bonds -- scripophily. 

  • Treasure Market, Scripoworld -    Selling old bonds and shares from all over the world. 

  • TreasuredStocks.com - A    collection of Dotcom, Modern, Specimen,and Uncancelled stock certificates    for sale. 

  • Western Mountain Stamp and Coin Shop    - Offers a nice selection of Stock certificates. Scripophily categories    includes railroads, oil companies, mining.
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